Okay FIRST off I want to apologize once again for not getting this written sooner. I decided to take a little time off from blogging to focus on YouTube. But here I am and lets get back to my life!

So we left off at age 18. I had just graduated high school and I moved to the city to attend college. The summer before I moved I was involved in a toxic relationship. I was drinking ALL the time, not eating, and was around drugs regularly. I have never done a single drug to this day. I am proud of that, given all the peer pressure I was surrounded with. I was verbally abused all the time and physically abused once. He planned on moving in with me, so I got a nice apartment, new furniture, etc. Did I mention how stupid I was? We only dated for 4-5 months, maybe? And I was going to move in with this guy. I wish I could go back as my 28 year old self and shake stupidity out of myself.

So here I was in the city by myself, with an expensive ass apartment. Two months later I met my husband. We met through mutual friends and went on a blind date to a haunted house. The first hour was a little rocky because I think we were both super nervous. Once we warmed up to each other we got along perfectly. After the haunted houses we went back to my friends house and watched movies. When I was leaving I invited him to my Halloween party I was having the next night and he said he would come! We were pretty much inseparable the whole night at the party, he made me laugh, he was handsome, and extremely polite. The next day he texted me and said hey go check your Facebook. So I did and I had a relationship request from him which I gladly accepted. I still give him shit about that 🙂

Our love was (still is) so amazing. I get goosebumps thinking about the early days. I kept asking myself how did I get this guy? Things moved slower than I was used to, which made it feel more real. It took about a month for us to share our first kiss. The day he got me Nutcracker tickets for my birthday, I was like, I am going to MARRY this man. That was only two months in!

Two years into our relationship we got engaged and two years later we got married! Over the next four years we had both gained some weight. We would go out to eat literally all the time. One day I remember looking in the mirror and being like holy shit. I think by the time our wedding rolled around I had gained around 30-40 pounds. Little did I know there was more weight coming and a severe battle with depression.




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