Meet The Blogger

Today I thought I would do something kind of fun and out of the ordinary. Last week my post was a little dark, lets brighten it up a bit with a 20 question survey about me!



  1. How old are you? I am 27 
  2. Where did you grow up? I grew up in a tiny town in Nebraska where about 600 people lived at the time. 
  3. What are your favorite TV Shows? This is Us – Walking Dead – Riverdale
  4. Do you have any siblings? Yes I have 2 sisters, 2 brothers, and 2 stepsisters
  5. Why did  you want to start a blog? Because I want others who are struggling with depression to know that they are not alone. I find that sharing my stories help me cope.
  6. Are you married? Yes we are coming up on 6 years of marriage
  7. Do you have any children? No I do not
  8. What is your favorite quote? “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” MLK JR
  9. What is your morning routine? I wake up, take my medicine, shower, brush my teeth, make a smoothie, do my makeup, do my hair, get dressed, and go to work!
  10. What is your night time routine? I usually wind down with a cup of hot tea, sometimes read a book before bed, wash my face, brush my teeth, and hit the hay
  11. What is your favorite kind of music? Classic Rock and Indie
  12. What is your biggest fear? My husband dying
  13. Do you have a large group of friends or a small handful? Definitely a small handful, but the amazing thing about that, is that I trust all of them and I know they truly care about me
  14. Do you look like your Mom or Dad? I have been told I look a lot like both
  15. What was the last movie you saw? Was it good? I went to Bohemian Rhapsody and it was OUTSTANDING
  16. What is your favorite outfit? Probably a long shirt with a sweater, leggings and knee high boots
  17. What is your favorite thing to snack on? Popcorn
  18. If you could have dinner with anyone dead or living who would it be and why? Tom Hanks, because he is my favorite actor and he just seems like a totally nice guy
  19. Are you high maintenance? NOT AT ALL
  20. When do you find your self singing? Literally all the time, ask my husband lol







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