My Top 5 Ways to Cope with Depression + Anxiety

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share some of my coping strategies that I use when I am feeling down or anxious while using pictures from my own life. Lets get started!

1. Open up to Your Spouse


If you are married or in a relationship you should always communicate with your loved one. This is something that took me forever to do. When we don’t tell someone what is going on, it bottles up day after day. Then one day you explode on that safe person you have in your life, which 90% of the time is your spouse. Its absolutely terrible on your relationship. It was driving my husband and I further and further apart. Whenever I am in a funk my husband usually knows and he will ask. But most of the time I will go to him, tell him how I am feeling, then most of the time tell him I need to be alone for a bit. They might not understand at first but trust me it is so much better than bottling it in.

2. Meditation + Yoga











I have been mediating for about three weeks now and let me tell you, I’M IN LOVE. The app I use is called Guided Meditation and Relaxation. I did splurge a little and pay for the premium so I could get all sorts of different meditations. I do this every night before bed. Its such a good way to relax and unwind for the day. Its a great way to focus on yourself for 10 or 20 minutes and not think of anything else going on in your life. For me, its a great escape from the real world at times. I feel like a new person when I am finished. I also started a 30 day yoga challenge. Since starting these new practices, I have become much happier with who I am and where I am today. Where as before I hated everything about myself. I can feel my body getting stronger and my mind becoming more positive.

3. Color

image1 (1)

This one is pretty self explanatory. What I like to do is turn up some loud music and go to town on the coloring book. I have several books, this page is out of my bible verse coloring book! Again, its great to focus on this one thing and forget about everything for awhile.

4. Read a Book/Workbook


Another great way to escape is to dig your head into a book. Get off social media. Its always depressing. Read a great story or learn something new. I am currently doing a workbook for anxiety and it really makes me think and helps me understand why I feel the way I feel. I am also reading a book about all types of religions, just to educate myself. I love to learn new things.  I highly recommend these books and you can find them online or at Barnes and Noble!

5. Journal

image1 (2)

Last but not least, journaling. To be honest I never understood why people would write in a journal. But I am starting to realize that it is a great tool to look back on and remind yourself where you were. Sometimes I will go back and read entries from awhile ago and for a bit, I will feel that pain. Then I start to feel grateful that I am not in such a dark place anymore. Its also great to read back and see if you accomplished any of your goals you had back then. I found that writing down how I am feeling really helps me just get it out. Whenever I start to feel sad, I try to start writing. Give it a try!

Let me know what your favorite ways to cope are. Thanks for reading and until next blog!

-xo courtney

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